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Fairfield veterinary care!

Welcome to Barney and Russum Animal Clinic, your local veterinarians in Fairfield. We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Fairfield and surrounding areas.

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We recommend Barney & Russum with no reservations. We have taken our dogs there for 8 years and are impressed by the high level of care they receive. The veterinarians and the staff are kind, caring, and professional. Our beloved female cocker spaniel died from pancreatitis and the care she received at Barney & Russum was compassionate and the treatment outstanding. One vet tech came in on her day off to be with our cocker. We are indebted to the excellent veterinarians and staff for giving our family member the best hospice care. We take our male cocker and our dachshund mix to Barney & Russum and wouldn't think of taking them elsewhere. Barney & Russum are the best.

Carolyn M.

This review is extremely overdue but it is important to me that I write it. Dr. Shannon Veltri and the veterinary team saved my French Bulldog, Millie, during the heat wave a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were driving up North for Labor Day weekend with our dog & cat and got caught in parking lot traffic on Highway 80, as it usually becomes during holiday weekends. Since we were hardly moving and my car was apparently low on refrigerant, the AC was definitely not working. My car was registering 117 degrees and no one was ok. As I drastically made moves to get off at the next exit, accept defeat and head back home on the side of the freeway without traffic, my frenchie's pant turned into a scared choke. My boyfriend quickly jumped into the back of the car and began pouring cool water over her and my cat but it was not looking good. He was able to google the nearest emergency vet and that is how we found Barney & Russum Animal Clinic. We called and gave them 5 minute notice that we were coming in with 2 severely overheating animals. They immediately brought them in to cool down and began working to, I'm not kidding, save their lives. My pupper registered a 108 temperature and a severely enflamed esophagus from panting so hard but she is alive today because of these doctor's skills and urgency. What really set them over the top was their concern for mine and my boyfriends well being too. As I sat there crying and scared at the situation their admin staff brought us water and offered us time to go grab a quick bite and relax because we would be there for a couple hours. Dr. Veltri remained open after hours to make sure she was able to reach the evening clinic so we could wait in their AC while the temp outside went down. It was truly quality service and I'm so very greatful.



Sharon & David K.

I have been bringing my dogs and cats to you since before you moved to your present location. I have always been pleased with the way my pets were cared for and I always felt respected

Susanne S.

We have been going to Barney and Russum Animal Clinic since 1996 and have been satisfied with care they have given our dogs.

Robert & Shirley E.

I emailed for an appointment a couple of days before but this system is not monitored over the holiday weekend. I called that morning and I was told the first available appointment was the follow day. I explained my concerns about waiting an extra day and Fanny was able to squeeze us in for a mid morning appointment. I really really appreciate her help with my scheduling problem. Both dogs were seen / treated in a timely and professional matter by Dr. Mack. Dr. Mack carefully listens to my concerns and goes that extra mile to answer my questions and care for my dogs. Thank you Dr. Mack.

Thomas & Nancy C.

All is great in this office, there is nothing bad to say. Fannie is wonderful, kind and supportive and Tyler is so good at what she does. Everyone is incredibly efficient and friendly. The doctors are amazing and have helped us so much with our 4 cats. Recently Dr. Zoe diagnosed a problem that we had been dealing with for years. We are so grateful to her for finally fixing our Chopin. I would not go anywhere else.

Tamara W.

Dr Veltri always does her best to provide optimum care for Gabby and MC Kitty. She knows how important our kitties are to us.

Lisa & Bob F.

Extremely pleased with all services for my pet from office staff to our vet.

Carolyn W.

My dog got stuck between the slats in the fence. I couldn't get her out. The section of the fence came off with the dog stuck in it. I tried everything, but couldn't get her out. I called Barney & Russum's they said to bring her in. Fortunately I had a van that would hold it all. I parked in the parking lot at Barney & Russum's and told the clerk about the dog in the fence in the van. She called Dr. Barney. He came out to the van to see. Sure enough, the dog was stuck in the fence just behind her front legs. Dr. Barney asked for a hammer and RIPPED the nails out, freeing the dog! Hurrah! A crowd had gathered and everyone cheered. Dr. Barney took the dog and me in for a quick check-up. Penny, the dog, had some bruising, but was fine. Don't know what I would have done without Dr. Barney! The nails in the fence had rings around them so you weren't suppose to be able to remove them. This is ONE reason we go to Barney & Russum's.

Tamara T.

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