Fairfield, CA Veterinary Services – Delivered with courtesy and respect!

When you arrive at Barney & Russum Animal Clinic, you can expect quality care for your pet. From our veterinarians with a wide range of expertise, to our staff members who will treat you and your pets as part of the family, our ultimate goal is to provide a positive and nourishing experience.

We will make sure you are brought into an examination room as soon as we have one available. In the meantime, we have a separate waiting area for felines/exotics and canines, as both felines and canines can become agitated when faced with each other. Our lobby is stocked with plenty of treats and samples for your pet to ensure that they are as happy and relaxed as possible before entering the examination room.

Here’s what to expect during your visit:

  • Once a receptionist checks you in, one of our team members will weigh your pet and guide you into an exam room.
  • A veterinarian will then meet with you, gather basic information about your pet’s health, examine your pet, talk about any questions or concerns you may have and plan further diagnostics or treatment as needed.
  • Any recommended diagnostics tests (such as blood work) and treatments are usually performed in one of our treatment rooms.
  • When the veterinary consultation is complete, you will then meet back with our receptionists where your billing and future appointment bookings will be handled.
  • If you have any questions after your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be more than happy to help you out!

We hope you enjoy your visit and the service we provide, and we would be delighted to see you again.

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