Arikka Shephard

Hey! I’m Arikka (pronounced like Erica). I was born in Texas and raised in Germany. I love doing anything nature-based or crafty, such as hiking, painting, knitting, sewing, and any kind of DIY projects I can get my hands on. I am currently in school to become a veterinarian, so maybe in several years I’ll be the DVM for your pet! I currently have a Pomeranian who is the light of my life. In the past I’ve had all sorts of pets; From fish, frogs and turtles to ferrets, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, bearded dragons and a chameleon. You’ll likely see me around helping up front, in kennels or doing what I love being a vet assistant. I can’t wait to meet all your babies that I can love on and cuddle with, if they let me of course!